Things To Consider Before Owning A Rental Property

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At Buy To Renew we are licensed real estate professionals who pay CASH for your home. Many of the people who sell their homes to us try to become property managers first. Instead of selling their house, they try renting it out. This is a very big task and comes with a lot of unexpected responsibilities and challenges. Here are some of the reasons why we it might be better to sell your home to Buy To Renew, rather than go in

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How Much Rehab Is Too Much Rehab For Your Property

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At Buy To Renew we know a thing or two about rehabbing properties. We pay cash for houses so we can improve our neighborhoods and city. We know that despite the fabulous displays of rehabbing and staging homes on ‘reality’ TV, the most experienced and savvy real estate investors typically avoid trying to be over-achievers when it comes to property renovations. Why is that? How do they tackle rehabs for

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Does Your House Have To Be Vacant To Close A Deal?

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There are many vacant homes across America today. However, some of the best house deals are those which still have people living in them. That could be the current owner who is in a distressed situation, or an existing tenant. Great deals can be negotiated on these properties. Yet, many home sellers are cautious about this situation and how to handle it. Many of the houses we purchase here at Buy

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Buy To Renew Neighborhood of the Month – Stringtown

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Story and Photos By: Chris Wakefield   Chances are, you have driven by the Stringtown neighborhood on the near west side of Indianapolis, and didn’t even know it. Stringtown is bordered by the White River to the east, Belmont St. to the west, Washington St. to the south, and Michigan Ave. to the North. History Stringtown gets its name from the groups of houses that were lined up, or strung,

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Photo Report: Before and After Buy To Renew Indianapolis

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Story and photos by: Chris Wakefield   At Buy To Renew we are committed to renewing our neighborhoods and city, one house at a time. In late January of 2017 we found this property on the west side of Indianapolis. This house was built in 1910 and is a single family bungalow. It sits on a lot of about 4,360 square feet. The house has two bedrooms and one bath. When we purchased the home, it was

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Five Important Things We Look For When Buying a House

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Story and photos by: Chris Wakefield At Buy to Renew we take pride in renewing our communities and neighborhoods one house at a time. When we scout for potential houses at purchase and renew there are a few key factors we look for. To make the most of our investment and provide the best house for potential renters, we take a few very important things into consideration. Location As with anything

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Five Reasons to Sell Your House to Buy To Renew

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  At Buy To Renew we are committed to finding homes from sellers and renewing them to their best condition. We specialize in creating solutions for all sellers. Here are six great reasons why you should chose us when selling your home.   We Pay Cash Payment is one of the most difficult buyers has have to go through. Since we pay cash, every time, for all the houses we

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Buy To Renew Neighborhood of the Month – Kennedy King

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Story and photos by: Chris Wakefield   The Kennedy-King neighborhood is placed right in the heart of the Old Northside of Indianapolis. It’s borders stretch from 22nd street to the north, 16th street to the south, the Monon Trail to the east, and Central Ave. to the west. Nestled at the center of this neighborhood is it’s namesake. The Martin Luther King Memorial Park, which encompasses the iconic and inspiring

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Are We Slumlords?

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A Slumlord is “a landlord who receives unusually large profits from substandard properties” according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Most of these properties are located in low-income and rough neighborhoods and their residents are considered to have no choice when it comes to housing. We buy to renew… If this is the case, how can beggars be choosers?  Renters in this areas have to settle for what is available to them and

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6 Ways The Real Estate Market Is Changing

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The real estate market is a lot different than it was 20 or even 10 years ago. Several factors have made it harder to sell a house. If you’re thinking of selling your house through a real estate agent or in a For Sale by Owner transaction, you’ll need to take the following 6 game- changers into account. 1. The Population Is Aging With the Baby Boomers getting older and

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