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Things To Consider Before Owning A Rental Property

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At Buy To Renew we are licensed real estate professionals who pay CASH for your home. Many of the people who sell their homes to us try to become property managers first. Instead of selling their house, they try renting it out. This is a very big task and comes with a lot of unexpected responsibilities and challenges. Here are some of the reasons why we it might be better to sell your home to Buy To Renew, rather than go in

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How Much Rehab Is Too Much Rehab For Your Property

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At Buy To Renew we know a thing or two about rehabbing properties. We pay cash for houses so we can improve our neighborhoods and city. We know that despite the fabulous displays of rehabbing and staging homes on ‘reality’ TV, the most experienced and savvy real estate investors typically avoid trying to be over-achievers when it comes to property renovations. Why is that? How do they tackle rehabs for

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